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A mother and daughter venture inspired by a shared passion for art

Hoghair & Sable was created to showcase artistic duo Sarenka and Mia's art

We are a mother and daughter venture based in East Lothian which blossomed from our shared love and flair for art. With many designs created by my daughter Mia, the brand consists of many lovely brightly coloured products.

From a very early age Mia's drawings have always made me smile - so unique and full of character- I hope they work their magic on you too and encourage other ' great wee artists ' out there!

Most of the designs started life as Mia's original drawings. It was just amazing to see how she developed her own creative flow and personality. She's an inspiration to me - so let me just draw your attention to the fun and unique HOGHAIR & SABLE designs to help make the world a brighter place! A big thank you to my lovely mother for thinking up the ingenious name - so fabulously US !









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